FAQs for Clients

Who is klerigi™?

klerigi™ is a brand entailed by a group of companies wanting to fervently change their sphere for the better. We’re passionate dreamers, creators and entrepreneurs looking to change the way of business. Our leadership consists of more than 50 years of combined experience in superior client service and millions of dollars in surpassed results. Our brand signifies humility, stewardship, integrity, goodwill, innovation and quality assurance. Our group of companies are in the Management Consulting, Real Estate, and Private Wealth industries. 

What is klerigi™ Group?

klerigi™ is an On-Demand management consulting firm mobilizing a global network of top-tier consultants through its intuitive technology platform.

We guarantee the quality of each client engagement through our in-house project managers and innovative methodology.

Whether you need help in human resources, marketing, technology, procurement, distribution and logistics, financial planning and/or budgeting. We can help.

What does klerigi™ Mean?

As stated on our About Us page, klerigi™ (kle-ree-gee) means “God enlightens” in Esperanto, the language of hope. This is the main idea behind our firm – to help transform businesses by bringing clarity to the human beings in organizations. 

Who normally hires klerigi™ Group?

Companies of all sizes.

  • U.S. Companies, Multinationals, and Foreign Companies looking to:

  1. Complete their projects 3 times faster.
  2. Obtain quality advice, and excellence in planning & execution.
  3. Analyze data dumps so you can make decisions faster (twice as fast!).
  4. Achieve up to 60% in cost savings due to negotiations and process re-engineering.
  5. Launch their project faster with our help by pairing up with a top-tier consultant in minutes.
  6. Save time and money: The average business churns 40% of their revenue in finding the right help.
  7. Build products. On-demand.
  8. Launch products. On-demand.
  • Nonprofits, Economic Development Organizations, Accelerators, Incubators, Venture Capital & Angel Investor firms looking to grow the companies they’ve invested in.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to reach their dreams.

  • CPA and Legal services firms looking to offer consulting services.

Why is klerigi™ Group different?

We’d like to become your partner, whether you need the analysts, the engineers, the project managers, and/or the expertise behind it all. We can help you. On-demand.

Visit our Why We’re Different page to find out more.

How does the klerigi™ WebApp work?

Visit our “How It Works” page to find out more. 

How much do projects cost?

All of our projects are fixed-price and price ranges vary depending on project type, length, complexity, and size, among other factors. 

What kinds of projects can be created on the klerigi™ Web App?

klerigi™ has 7 practice areas ranging from Operations & Performance Improvement, Corporate & Business Unit Strategy, Marketing & Sales to Technology Development & Integration and Mergers & Acquisitions. Visit our What We Do page to find out more. 

How does klerigi™ handle privacy and NDA agreements?

Privacy and confidentiality are two of our favorite words. Each of our consultants is required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement when registering on our secured platform. In addition, each client has the option of signing an NDA when registering as well. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more info. 

How does payment work?

Our clients make payments once projects are accepted through the klerigi™ web app. Payments are securely processed through Stripe™. 

How does klerigi™ Group track project quality?

This is one of our differentiators - we have in-house project managers working to ensure all projects have the klerigi™ Seal of Approval guaranteeing you’re satisfied with the end deliverable. 

How do I track my project?

Once you sign up as a client, you’ll have access to your own klerigi™ Workspace where you’ll be able to track all projects, contact your designated project manager, make a payment and create new projects. 

Does klerigi™ Group participate in Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs?

Yes. klerigi™ Group is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Doing business with us brings flexibility and agility, cost savings due to passed-along supply chain and overhead cost savings, and increased supplier diversity valuable in pursuing diversity accomplishments which in turn can strengthen our clients’ brand identity.

We are adherent to supplier guidelines and ethical decision-making practices.

Why are corporate consulting services needed?

Enterprises of all sizes need help to improve processes, grow, launch new products and services, and save money in order to stay afloat and expand. klerigi™ works with CEOs, CFOs, internal finance, marketing and procurement departments helping obtain an outsiders’ perspective and execute projects 3 times faster. 

What industries does klerigi™ specialize in?

We specialize in more than 25 industries. Visit our Portfolio & Industries page to find out more. 

Who does klerigi™ partner within the business ecosystem?

National and International Trade Associations, Accelerators, Incubators, Trade Associations, Angel Investor Networks, Economic Development Organizations, PR Agencies, CPA firms, Immigration, Corporate and Patent Attorneys. 

If I’m interested in offering klerigi’s services, where do I start?

If you’re a service provider interested in white labeling our services, please contact one of our account management team members at [email protected]. 

How do I get in touch with klerigi™ support?

You can always contact your designated project manager. Have a question not answered in this FAQ? You can reach support by e-mailing us at [email protected]

FAQs for Consultants

What kind of professionals should register on the klerigi™ WebApp?

Our consultants come from all types of professional backgrounds. Some are recent MBA graduates, some are entrepreneurs with Bachelor’s or MBA degrees, most are still in Corporate America, and most have 5-25 years’ experience in a designated or various fields.

How do I become a consultant with klerigi™ Group?

Follow up the link “Become a Consultant” on and follow the steps. Our technology will then start our screening process and let you know if you’ve been accepted into the platform. 

What should I do after I sign up?

Start with your profile. The more complete the profile is; the more chances you’ll have to be matched on a project. Your profile is also what our project managers see when searching for extra consultants for projects.

Your bio is a great place to share your accomplishments and passions in your own words. This is usually the top section of your resume. We recommend not to leave any section empty. 

Is my klerigi™ Consulting profile public?

No. We value your privacy so your profile is safely tucked in our secured platform.

Who creates projects on the klerigi™ Web App?

Our consulting opportunities are created daily based on client demand. Our clients range from growth-stage companies, domestic and international enterprises, higher education organizations, municipal governments, nonprofits and global Fortune-listed enterprises.

For each new client engagement, we assemble a multidisciplinary team to determine the resources necessary for success. We tap into the expertise of our global professional network in order to bring the best professionals for the job. 

How will I be notified if I’m selected for a project?

You will be notified by receiving a notification on the klerigi™ Web App, as well as an email in which you can then accept or reject the project. 

Are the projects developed onsite or virtually?

It depends on our clients’ needs, however, most projects are developed virtually, yet there are some that may require onsite client assistance. Since this happens on a project by project basis, you will know this before accepting an engagement. 

How long are the projects?

It depends on our clients’ needs. Projects can range from 3 to 18 months, and some may be longer depending on special circumstances. 

Will I have contact with the client?

Even though you can have contact with the client, the designated project manager will take care of all project planning and client service. You will mostly have frequent contact with the project’s designated project manager. 

How do I receive payment?

Payments are made once all project deliverables have been completed and accepted by the client. 

If I’m interested in offering klerigi’s clients my products and/or software solutions, how do I go about that?

We like to partner with technology companies offering a wide variety of solutions. You can register to become our vendor by clicking on Become a Vendor and submitting your information.

Can I close my consulting account?

Yes. You’re free to close your account whenever by logging onto your klerigi™ Workspace.