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The HR Software Market Is In a Serious Growth Spurt

Last update on Oct. 18, 2016.

The HR Software Market Is In a Serious Growth Spurt

The strategic DIY approach to talent acquisition with small businesses has long been a necessity that forces smaller HR departments to rely on software purchases to help remain efficient.

With no dedicated HR staff, many small businesses either assign HR responsibilities to a cross-functional manager or to a single, in-house HR administrator.  Once a decision is made on marketing the role and executing upon the approved plan, they begin to receive thousands of resumes.

Because of the volume of interest in each open position, smaller HR departments often need help sorting and rating resumes of incoming candidates against certain parameters set out by the corporate job description.  Sifting through the interest in an exciting new role at your company may become a daunting task if the response generates more resumes than an understaffed department can handle.

There are several solid online tools that internal HR departments use to ease this avalanche of response.

HR for Humans

Namely’s software is an all-in one HR software platform covering payroll, benefits and talent management in one flexible, user friendly platform.   It is easy to implement and easy to use.

Zoho People

Zoho’s centralized management and employee self-service portal, manages all of your HR programs from a central location.   Increase your organization's productivity by encouraging your employees to collaborate and share ideas, information, and knowledge all in one location.


Vermis Analytics launched Dock153 a text mining application that accelerates the analysis of thousands of resumes when a company is doing DIY recruiting.  Dock153 was designed to make better recommendations on the most suitable candidates reaching out to the company, and they offer a free trial.

Businesses of every size have been impacted by the need for better talent management and the software industry itself has evolved to meet new strategic demands.  While there are specific software solutions for many aspects of the HR eco-system, feature sub-sets vary by company and by industry-type.

HR software can help small businesses alleviate pain points by automating administrative tasks, record-keeping, and compliance, and by giving HR coordinators tools to find and keep the best talent.


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