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The Growing Problems Surrounding Technology Firms

Last update on Oct. 18, 2016.

The Growing Problems Surrounding Technology Firms

The digital transformation of almost every industry has created problems and opportunity for many within – especially technology consulting firms – but many are ignoring a problem staring them right in the face.

Brand recognition and reputation quality can vary for technology based and non-technology based firms, with potential clients needing to develop new digital initiatives.  These potential clients may have existing brand perceptions that lead to engagement and/or skepticism based on apparent consultant strength in a specific vertical.

While one “well-known” technology firm may be top of mind for their perceived quality of work with the general public, that same firm may see a tremendous shift in perception with those who are already engaged.  Those perception shifts may also be present – depending on where the Executive sits within that company’s eco-system - for consulting firms at every level (tech and non-tech).

Non-technology firms may start off being viewed as relatively weak compared to traditional technology firms – like IBM.  Once a client starts working with those non-tech consultants, perceptions can shift and the “well-known” firms get pushed down the reputational ladder.

Engagement relationships within senior management can influence perceived ability to drive growth in the market.  CIOs, who traditionally have been those most likely to turn to technology to solve a business problem, are now less likely to turn to traditional tech-firms for their solutions.  While the CEO may immediately think of the reputation in the marketplace, that CIO is more often looking for credible alternatives to the outsourcing of the IT function.

The burden on the strategy firms has traditionally been to prove their capabilities in technology work.  The pressure has been shifting to the technology companies having to prove that they can do more than just digital transformations.

Strategy firms are bringing a much greater level of positive recognition to executives in need of specialization and that is leveling the perception imbalance.  Equally deep relationships are fundamental to success.

There is a great value to having a strong reputational brand. 

Regardless of the business problem, being top of mind is critical to success in the marketplace.  Who you know and what you’re famous for have a massive influence on your success.  It’s just that the tables are starting to turn around which specialists can deliver the greatest return.

This piece was written from content featured in the following article: Source Global Research, March 2015.


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