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Top Digital Media Trends of 2016

Last update on Oct. 13, 2016.

Top Digital Media Trends of 2016

Almost everyone in the world is connected to the Internet and so many use it for entertainment, research and the sharing of ideas and experiences.  Many companies use this trend to help accelerate their marketing, branding and revenue strategies but need to see various types of returns on their investments in order to invigorate their business models.

Over the last several years, many of these Publishers have implemented programmatic advertising – the automatic buying and selling of ad impressions – in order to boost revenue. This digital shift has led to an increase in ad inventory, while also invited ad fraud to penetrate the ecosystem.

How many of your impressions are from “traffic bots” – programs that are introduced to imitate human behavior?

30% of global Internet traffic comes from bots that can be easily detected.  They are designed to collect and track information, like Google web crawlers, which provide valuable insights. 20% of all web traffic imitates user behavior to boost audience numbers and thus deceiving advertisers of billions of dollars.

Half of all the traffic on the Internet is from actual humans and provides an honest, receptive impression on the audience you’re trying to reach.

“Bad bots” may look like actual human traffic, but they are deceptively augmenting numbers for the host website and stealing from the advertiser. They disrupt the delivery of the right ad to the right user. In 2015, these bots cost advertisers $6.3 billion in false impressions.

So how do you kill the bad bots and prevent them from tarnishing your analytics?

You must look at and analyze your web data. Identify the number of hits by IP and determine which are present on your site the most. The goal is to block the IPs that are malicious and filter out the analytic inflation so that advertisers can rely on genuine brand statistics.

Companies can enact software to filter out these bad bots from the data or block them at the server level.  3rd party services have solutions that will route all traffic through a network to identify bots (good and bad) in real time.

If you are creating content of any kind and implementing programmatic advertising to offset your costs, presenting honest and accurate data is critical.  Agencies insist upon it and want to know how you are giving them clean reflections of your traffic.   Having a strategy to detect and block bad bots will provide the proper data that everyone wants and allow you to generate new revenue for your digital media.


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