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Top Mobile Trends of 2016

Last update on Oct. 13, 2016.

Top Mobile Trends of 2016

Today, nearly half of the world is connected to the Internet, enabling us to talk, share photos, and conduct business anywhere around the globe. As a result, we have seen more technological advancements in the past decade than we’ve witnessed in the past 10,000 years.  And in the next five years, we’ll see even more.

Mobile connectivity is a large part of the reason for of this advancement.   While we have seen incredible growth in what the Internet can provide, Mobile devices, such as phones, tablets, cameras, media devices and more, all have exploded into our daily lives because of the speed of the networks on which they operate and the size of the components that power their use.

Many of the programs that function on these handheld devices are run by apps.

The top four messaging apps in the world have nearly 3 billion monthly active users and are opened almost five times as much as regular apps. Because users spend so much time in these apps – specifically messaging apps - companies are leveraging the apps to connect with their customers to sell goods, promote products, chat with customers and more.

Most brands have stated that they have underinvested in mobile in 2016.

Those who have budgeted for mobile marketing are looking at these messaging apps as a way to measure mobile ROI. Those mobile marketers can measure the impact of mobile across channels, see a clear opportunity to differentiate their brands and increase their investments in mobile initiatives.

Another growing trend in Mobile is around display ads – where they accounted for more than 55% of all mobile clicks in 2015. Video is the fastest-growing mobile ad format, which grew by 37% last year alone.

Combined with new ad formats on apps like Facebook and Instagram, Brand marketers are mobilizing their video content to tell stories and create more engagement.  Even the streaming music services like Apple Music or Spotify – who have massive mobile audiences - have opened the door to video content in a way to broaden their reach.

Finally, companies are cultivating ways to power mobile moments with deep marketing integration.  They are looking for ways to combine mobile with their legacy marketing and campaign plans, by specifically asking for customers to participate with their handheld devices. The goal is to deliver value to the user and limit intrusive marketing.

Regardless of your company’s marketing strategy, Mobile is the fastest growing segment of technological growth and certainly something that is seeing more investment and return.


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