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Emerging Trends to Optimize your Enterprise (Part 1 of 5)

Last update on Oct. 13, 2016.

Emerging Trends to Optimize your Enterprise (Part 1 of 5)

As an executive, you are constantly trying to optimize your enterprise and maximize the positivity with both your customers and your employees.  Staying innovative in your approach to operating your enterprise is critical to accelerating growth and maximizing customer efficiencies.  In part one of a five part series, we will explore certain trends that could change how you do business.

It is imperative that the CEO understands the delicate balance of the employee-customer ecosystem and looks for emerging trends to keep both engaged in your brand, product or service.  Nuanced strategies can affect how you engage with both your customers and employees as each group strives to gain fulfillment in their working life and consumer habits.  Instilling loyalty from both is always the end goal.

Caring is Everywhere:

During this contentious political season, one thing is clear - people are increasingly disillusioned with their civic and political leaders.  Goodwill is growing at the local level.  Local businesses have many options if the want to highlight local heroes.  Technology allows us to have easier access to personal causes which highlight those in our local areas.  Platforms like Gofundme make it easy to collect or donate money for "everyday heroes" and your employees and customers can feel good about the support you give to your local community.

The Flexible Economy:

Technology has changed so much in business and it has created a new category of employee that has taken off all over the globe.  The rise of sharing economy platforms has altered our view of freelancers and is transforming business engagement.  Some are able to vary their day by taking on work based on schedule, location or need.  There has been massive growth in America's telecommuting workforce.  Configuring your enterprise to allow for employee flexibility can allow you to have a happier and more engaged staff.

Innovative ideas and iteration to the norm will allow you to foster growth in many directions.  An engaged and happy employee will transfer their positivity to a customer.  A satisfied customer who feels like a purchase has helped others as well as themselves will continue to be loyal.  It is within this ecosystem that a savvy business owner can differentiate themselves from competitors around them.

This article was written using trends discovered by Ford’s in-house futurist, Sheryl Connelly and originally published by Chief Executive.


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