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5 MUSTs to Choosing the Right Management Consultant

Last update on April 14, 2016.

Business consultantA management consultant is the one who provides professional services to companies in economic, financial or technical fields, that isn’t the traditional job of accounting advice, tax, labor or audit, all of which have their own classification. As a result, the management consultant could focus on everything else that the company needs such as: 

  • Gathering and analysis of a company’s activity and/or business intelligence 
  • Collection of the company’s financial and industrial information  
  • Development of a strategy to reach to potential buyers  
  • Operations and/or process improvements 
  • Technology Implementation and Integration 
  • Cost Savings 
  • Overall business vision & strategy 

Just to name a few.  

The following steps and criteria should be followed in order to hire the consultant that is right for your firm: 

  1. Dealing with customers:  The consultant must get along very well with you as a client. Kindness helps build trust and credibility, which allows him/her find the information he/she needs and allows your work team to implement his/her recommendations.
  2. Ability to diagnose problems:  It is said that when you know the source of the problem, you have more than 50% of the problem solved. Some problems cannot be solved, that’s because there has been an internal blockade to determine the true problem or the causes of it. Diagnosing the problem effectively is one of the greatest abilities a good consultant has.  
  3. Ability to come up with effective solutions:  The consultant’s approach can be easy to implement and very simple, and a few solutions might be more complex, however, consultants must be able to identify and fix problems, as well as create value.  The consultant’s methodology must be effective and in order to ensure this, examples of work should be shown, and metrics need to be implemented once the engagement has finished.  
  4. Capability, expertise and noticeable  technical knowledge:  An excellent consultant keeps himself/herself updated, is a true master, is not pleased with only his/her past knowledge, is what we call “an autodidact of conviction”. He/she keeps acquiring knowledge and developing new skills on a daily basis.  
  5. Effective Communication skills:  This is, maybe, one of the most important and most valuable attributes an outstanding consultant can have:  his/her capacity and ability to effectively communicate. This is because the consultant must make himself/herself understood, be able to convince, motivate and encourage your employees to implement the course of action he/she is proposing. Also, because communication implies being able to listen and that is one of the most effective ways to find solutions. Of course, a consultant can also have other valuable attributes like analytical abilities and the capacity of working under pressure.  

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