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Keys to become a true social CEO

Last update on April 14, 2016.

The challenge of a great leader is to have sufficient overall strategic vision while combined with the speed of making decisions to address the needs of everyday life without losing sight of the objectives of the company.
  • Be a real CEO
This is assuming responsibility since the outset. If you are in the diatribe between media coverage and business, what would you do? A good CEO would certainly go towards that which generates results.
  • Learn to delegate
Allow you to not fall into the micro-management and delegate without losing sight in the mirror how they are performing tasks. Your business has to grow but your team has to develop professionally to help achieve the goal. Do your best to make them take responsibilities, take risks and endorse the philosophy of the company.
  • Keep the vision of your business
Your role is to create the vision of the company and make the team share it, improve and ensure it. The strategic vision is not achieved in a single take, so a good CEO is that who knows how to implement along the road those improvements that make the vision grow and take the business to new heights.
  • Spend much of your time to find the best people for your crew.
It is crucial, perhaps most important. Work to find the best talent. Quickly incorporate these team members and make their work gets done in areas where they can demonstrate greater diligence and motivation. Make them grow and shine to make them give the best of themselves. If you mess up, be equally swift to get them out of your company.
  • You are what your products and services say.
Beyond that in the future, resources more specific to your start-up could come, you must be close to the development and delivery of your products and services. No one would doubt that Apple or Facebook would not be the same if Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg had not been so close in the design, development and evolution of their products or services.
  • Learn everyday
You will be a better leader dressed with the humbleness necessary to know that learning from mistakes and correcting every day is critical in the day of your management. It is impossible to know everything about any aspect underlying business. You will learn along the way. Meanwhile, do your best to surround yourself with a good team of collaborators, partners and mentors.
  •  You must be able to set milestones and deadlines
It is strategic to place the appropriate pieces in every situation and move them looking of a concrete goal in an estimated timeframe. Otherwise budgets soar and team motivation will plummet. Analyse past experiences to improve your processes and the team’s productivity.
  • Encourage your team to face the most difficult situations
Be transparent in difficult situations and try to make the best of every member of your team working from motivation to not lose the business focus on perhaps unfounded rumours.
  •  Learn to be a good Communicator
Being able to convey your passion and energy every day should be one of your key management levers. Be clear, direct and make each new project a great challenge for the team. Be respectful and try to give the best of you to show up and build trust. Also learn to accept your mistakes.
  • Learn to say NO
It is difficult sometimes but you must be strong enough and smart enough to know what helps you differentiate that which only separates you from your vision and your goals. Going out of the previously agreed with your team for a vague last minute commitment, could jeopardize the strategy of your company.

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